segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Comic Strips

Text and Art: Fe Vitti
Godinho is copyright 2008-2011 Felipe Vitti. All rights reserved.

Who's Godinho?

Check this out: an obese and spoiled kid, wich has a athletic dad, and in the other side, an amazing cook mother. Then, his best friend is also the best player of his father’s soccer team. Oh, and there’s this girl in the school wich is a mathlete, and always try to take advantage of that unsporting way of life to encourage him join the team. But - Oh, no - he hates math too.
And yes. There’s a lot of history on it.

Godinho, overweight or large bones?

Godinho is not a simple kid. He's a fat kid. He's obese. Large bones. Whatever you may think.
Ok, may be this is common, so... that's why he's not alone.
Obese kids, unite!